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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet my Two New Call and Text Mates!

My then baby and soon to be adolescent, Kate celebrated her 11th birthday four days ago. It has been her and her little sister’s dream to have a mobile phone of their own so on that day; I put an end to their waiting and made those dreams come true for them.

I got these two classic mobile phones not only for a birthday gift but a sort of a reward as well for their recent achievements at school – finishing their respective grade levels with honors.

They only used to share a single old unit of a mobile phone which I really didn’t think they enjoyed as much. It was an old classic Nokia phone only meant for basic use. With their new phones now, they cannot only play games but can enjoy music as well. The unit’s memory card slot has the capacity of up to 2GB. I separately bought one for each and filled it with tons of photos they can browse and of course songs – their favorite ones that they can listen to using a headset.

Meet my two new call and text mates… from left – Kate and her little sister Naureen!

Reading a simple yet so sweet text message like “morning, Ma!” is such a great way to start a day! Ah -- I’m obviously a proud mom! I should have given them those gifts a long time ago. I certainly won’t mind buying them cellphone loads if it means making my day the brightest each time. Saying “I LOVE YOUs” even when just relayed through the phone to me is priceless. Don’t you think so?

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