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Monday, April 30, 2012

Avoid Online Sale Trap

You zip through a 7o-percent- off flash sale online, waffle about the wedge sandals in your virtual cart, realize the deal’s about to end, and – click! – They’re yours! Sounds familiar? To avoid overspending on sale items online, you can do the following:

1. Hit “pause” if your dream dress is out of stock. If you log-on for a web-only sample sale and find your fave item already gone, you might be tempted to buy something else. In a recent study, shoppers were 47% more likely to purchase an item when a similar one was sold out. Tell yourself, “try again tomorrow” and get out of there!

2. Don’t keep your credit card on file. Doing so puts you on the fast track to one-click impulse purchases. Opt to enter your payment info each time, and use those extra minutes for an is it really worth it gut check.

3. End online buyer’s remorse! Retailers use “cookies “ – files of your personal data stored by web-browsers such as Firefox and Safari – to come up with those “If you like that, you’ll love this” recommendations. Some sites might even use this info to quote you higher prices based on your shopping habits. Delete cookies in your browser’s preferences from time to time and see if you start to get better deals.

Beth Kobliner 
Good Housekeeping - March 2012 issue

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  1. what a great tips for online shopping and I for one addicted to online shopping too but I do not save my credit card on file