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Monday, March 19, 2012

B for Bratty?

Pardon the kid in me but I just couldn’t help but adore this cute pair of pink shoes. Or is it sandals?

I remember, big sister and I bought this for her daughter some time ago but its size went short as soon as she tried it on. Yea, I know… irresponsible shopping, huh… although there’s really nothing much to worry about as we have Elijah - my little sister’s 3-year daughter and the youngest girl in the family ready to welcome hand-me-downs. Well in this case she had to wait a while to be able to wear this brand new pair of sandals.

So she brought it home, Friday night and bragging about it nonstop! Ah, kids don’t seem to run out of something to say. And just so she feels my agreement, I grabbed my camera and snapped few photos of it.


Pretty; isn't it? I love its back design most especially—could make use of B for Brat or Bratty instead of Barbie, ha-ha-ha!!

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