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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Relaxing Saturday Spent with Myself and Friends

Been longing for a “me-time” for the past weeks and finally I had it happened yesterday. Three hours is what it takes so I had to hit the road as early as 5:00am. I reached Davao around 8: o’clock, took breakfast at one of the popular fast food chains in the city and headed right away from there to my favorite salon, for a hair treatment and a foot spa. I soften up as soon as the hairdresser starts touching my hair. And then here comes, the little sonic hot water bath for my feet –ah… made me doze all the more. And that explains why I don’t have pictures to show now. Ha-ha! But let me bring an old one here. I availed the same hair treatment I’ve had the last time I visited them and of course got the same awesome result. I’ve got a new hairstyle this time around though.

I’ve been a solid client of Arlyn’s (name of the salon) since the dawn of its existence way, way back. I lived in Davao for quite a long time, tried several salon services but only Arlyn’s stole my loyalty that I couldn’t have my hair done no matter how I badly need it if it’s not with them!

After a relaxing two-hour spent at the salon, the brat went on shopping. She got these for herself…

But that “me-time” lasted only for half a day and that’s because I had to spend lunch, babbling and catching up time with blogger friends – Verna, Anne and Genny.

Thanks Verna and Anne for the treat!

I left the city around four in the afternoon for another 3-hour ride back home. Dinner was set as I came home. I felt so weary so I took only a few bite, head on to my room, turned my laptop on to check my emails, hit the bathroom to quickly freshen up and finally the bed.

That’s how my Saturday went. How’s yours?

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