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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston: Gone at 48

I first opened my computer for the day this morning and I literally had to stop what I had to do upon learning from Yahoo News that the music legend Whitney Houston has gone.

 “Okay now, is that for real?” is all I could ask. Of course there’s no one there to help me with my question so I had to help myself. I googled Whitney’s death and on top of the search result was the singer’s official website but it was down at that time. I then headed to Wikipedia and from there I found some answers. (Image from Wikipedia)
So she was found lifeless yesterday (11th) in one of Beverly Hilton Hotel’s suite rooms in Beverly Hills for still unknown reasons. Still in disbelief… the pop music queen in her generation is trending on most social media sites today. Some says the story is a joke but that didn’t hinder the netizens from finding out what’s true. She’s indeed gone! And she's only 48.
Imagine how that news devastates the day of every loyal fan and even those ordinary people from all over the world who used to listen to her music and admire her as a performer. Call me bluff if for once in your life you have never hum one of her songs back then. I have even if I know the pitch trend of most of her songs is literally not for the kind of set of pipes that I have. Hers is matchless.

I have watched ASAP (a local Sunday TV show) earlier and that’s too quick of them to have paid tribute to the legend. Three of their big stars (Angeline Quinto, Vina Morales and Sarah G.) sang four of Whitney’s songs (I Will Always Love You, Saving All my Love for You, Where do Broken Hearts Go and Didn’t We Almost Have it All – my favorite). Still no one can ever carry the tune of her songs like she did.
It is so sad how a life like what she has had will end the way it did. Authorities says there’s no sign of foul play in the incident so it’s either she took her own self which I hope not or probably a drug overdose since it is known to public that she has this drug abuse issue at the later part of her life. Either way, I pray God will forgive her imperfections as a human being and embrace her soul. She’s too much for a loss in the music/entertainment industry but her memory and especially music lives on.
So long, Whitney!

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