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Friday, January 20, 2012

Organize is When I See a Little Bit of Clutters Too!

What’s the word organize mean to you? To me it means seeing everything around my house in place with a little bit of clutter on my bed – if not a wireless mice and a laptop keyboard, my mobile phone and my digital camera are two gadgets that are frequently sleeping on my bed with me at night. A keyboard and mice is when I feel like lying on my back while blogging, blog hopping or Facebooking while the laptop is on the table – as is. I end up snoozing most of the time though so I literally find it not helpful at all.

Going back to clutters… I have all these mess on my bed for the past days. Both the ear buds and the magazines are what put me to bed recently when I either want to play soothing music, watch a movie or have a read.

Those 4 old Nokia phones on the other hand, need fixed. One lacks a battery kit, the other need its LCD replaced while the other two needs looked at by a cellphone tech. I put them somewhere and their chance of getting fixed may slip out of hand. That’s how forgetful I am. The purse and a sticky notepad are just new addition to them as well as the black cord – my cellphone USB charger that I often attach to my laptop when charging.

What about you? How’s your tolerance when it comes to clutters?

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  1. My husband and I have totally different things that we consider clutter and clean. And it varies for me day to day. Overall I've gotten more lenient with kids. I have to be! I am a new FB follower via the wacky wednesday hop by personal account. You can find me at My Baby Sleep Guide