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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hair Dyeing: Am I Ready For This?

I am not as bold as the others out there when it comes to hair fashion. The only reason I make a trip to the salon is when I want my hair treated or trimmed which I barely even do. Never have I had any hair styling done such as perming, dyeing and etcetera. Once in a while I check myself in the mirror and never have dreamed of having someone else’s look. For long years I have always been happy with my long, straight hair and couldn’t wish for more.

But not until mom went shopping with me some weeks ago! Constantly growing gray hair prompted her to regularly dye her so short hair which she only does by herself for years. Other times I help her out. Her favorite shade is either medium or dark brown. There were also times I buy the supplies for her but this time around, we bought it together and guess what? We didn’t just grab one but two packs of KOLOURS (her trusted brand) Dual Conditioning Hair Dye – one for each of us.


Yes, you’ve read it right! I call it a mom’s influence, LOL! However, for myself I just didn’t get a pack but a complete new hair coloring set!

 Question is… “Am I really ready to make that change?” Ha-ha! I guess we can only tell till I finally have it all done, huh. When? Hmm – that I need a little more time to figure out with. :D

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