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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recent Catch: Glee Slip-On Loafer at 60% Off

I see everything I bought and will buy for myself in the future as gifts – regardless – with or without an occasion to celebrate.

Yesterday, after dropping off our donations to a local courier company, mom and I headed to the mall to make way for another round of shopping. I intended to shop only for my girls this time since I have already done shopping for my nieces. I was about to check out the last item on my list when I passed through a rack of GLEE footwear where red tag says: up to 60% off…seriously?

Knowing me, I don’t splurge on anything outrageously priced unless they’re on sale no matter how I want it so the only way I get lucky is when I catch them on a cut-rate.

Obviously, if it weren’t for that very tempting slash I wouldn’t have taken this pair of slip-on textile loafer home.
Price: Before - $38.00, Now - only $14.00. Tell me... who wouldn't get tempted?

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  1. yeah.. i would take it home too :) cute find!

    visiting from WW!

  2. I would not let that deal to pass- I would buy more than 1 pair. What a big reduce in price:)

    Visiting for WW! Here's mine..Hope you can visit too..

  3. Nice set of comfortable shoes sis. Hope to see you in my Wednesday Whites Entry.

  4. i would be!! that's a nice catch!! i would have bought one too! and it looks cool plus I love GLEE, i'm a GLEEK! was here for WW!

  5. looks comfy

    Visiting from WW

    Hope you can visit mine @

    Happy New Year!

  6. great bargains, comfy loafers too :-) Visiting for Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.

  7. wow love those flats! i want a pair ,too!
    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites. Visiting as a host and from my entry, Happy new year!

  8. That is a nice loafer! I would get tempted myself! Lol.

    Late visit for WW. Hope you don't mind!

    B&W Fan
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