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Friday, December 23, 2011

Cramming Smart

There will be less than 24 hours to go and it's finally Christmas. Still on the rush? Doing your holiday shopping at the last minute doesn't have to mean emptying out your wallet.

Here are 9 smart suggestions from Tatin Yang of Candy Mag of how to cram smart.:

Get started of your New Year's resolution to clean up your room and give gifts without shelling out a single centavo by organizing a white elephant party. Ask the gang to each bring a "recycled" present - a gift given to you that you really have no use for - and exchange these among yourselves. (Just make sure the giver is not included in the party!) You'll find that the floral dress your aunt gave your suits your girlie bestie better, and you didn't even have to spend anything. Win-win situation!

 A sheet of wrapping paper may be cheap, but buying a lot of these along with ribbons and gift tags could add up to an amount better spent purchasing another present (or better yet, a new top for you!) Get creative and use alternative wrapping materials such as old newspaper painted in festive shades, decorated pages from old telephone directories, or old paper bags. Not only will you have more money in your wallet, you'll be enjoying an eco-friendly Christmas too!

The best gift come from the heart, and they're even better when you don't go broke your giving them. Get craft and search the net for DIY gifts such as crocheted stuffs you can turn into bag charms or friendship bracelets done in your friend's favorite colors.

Spend half a day at Divisoria or any similar stores to score good finds for less. Buy from one store in bulk and get bigger reduction. Bring your friends along so you can purchase more at a fraction of the original price.

Don't forget to hit your neighborhood bazaars or holiday expos for big savings! These sellers don't have high markup on their items because they don't need to maintain storekeeping costs. Plus you can even ask for a discount since most of the actual owners man the booths.

Encourage your friends, siblings and boyfriend to set a price ceiling on your holiday gifts. That way, you won't feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when they spend more than you do. At the same time, you won't feel pressured to overspend on gifts.

A lot of online resellers stock up in time for the holidays and you can strike gold by hunting through your favorite web-based shops. Look for ones that offer free shipping or ask if they can meet up with you so you won't have to fork a few hundred pesos for delivery.

When it comes to giving gifts, having a big barkada automatically means spending loads of cash. Split a pressie with other members of your group - that way you'll be able to buy something better and save cash while you're at it.

Another place for the last minute shopping is the department store, especially one you visit frequently over the year. You can use your accumulated reward points to get rebates off your total bill. Apart from that, a lot of department stores offer gift items for every budget imaginable. Some of them offer free gift wrapping services when your purchases reach a certain amount.

See, cramming doesn't have to cause you trouble all the time. Try any of these tips and you should go just fine.

Have a meaningful Christmas everyone!

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