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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Day with Jollibee and the Gorgeous Hetty

I see pink anywhere and it instantly remind me of Pink Fridays…just like when I saw these pink round tables and chairs last Saturday at AAC – my High School Alma Mater neatly arranged under the band of palm trees. These gorgeously painted sets of furniture are made up of concrete materials and are designed for outdoor furnishings. I assume these are for student’s use – while doing academic activities or maybe a venue for chit-chatting during breaktime.

So why am I at my old school, if you may ask.
Well to watch these two adorable charms – Pinoy kid’s favorite, Jollibee and Hetty!!
In line with the school's 50th Founding Anniversary, the two were asked by the school to perform live for the AAC kids. I, of course being the sole photographer in the house was invited as well. More of that story here.
I’ve actually never seen the two in real close setting before but yesterday, not only the kids but the big ones as well got equal chance to see them both up close. I can’t imagine how giddy I got too while taking pictures of them making their entrance towards the end of their performances which are by the way a dance number for each and one with the two of them.

Oh well… all for the kids! If it weren’t for my Internet that’s out the whole time last Saturday (affected by the storm, Sendong), I would have just left my camera to my sister and leave her do the task. Though I’m also glad I did!

For Pink Fridays.


  1. very cute table and chairs :-) awww what a pretty Hetty too :-) Dropping some love for PF, hope that you can return the favor too.


  2. adorable Hetty, late visit for PF, hope you can visit my share to at http://gven-rose.blogspot.com/2011/12/pink-stuff-for-my-niece.html

  3. Like those pink round tables..

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..


  4. Don't you love JOllibee? (I mean the mascot and food? lol)I also go back to being a child when I see mascots because back in the days when I was growing up those were not yet "uso"...dropping for PF http://www.oflimesandlemons.info/2011/12/after-48-years.html

  5. Those mascots and specially Hetty are truly making kids happy and glee :)

    Visiting from PF - http://www.oneproudmomma.com/2011/12/pink-mobile-pouch/

  6. My sister is so in love with Jollibee. She would always scream when a Jollibee TVC is being shown.

  7. I love the Spag of Jollibee.. Yun lang.. heheheh
    My daughter doesn't like mascots. Kahit gaano pa sila ka=kyut.. Dunno why..

    Late visit from PF.. :)

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