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Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Bratty 2012 Wish List

It’s the final month of the year! Time to make a list! But this time it’s not going to be a list of what I wanted to give instead a list of what I wish to have for 2012. Ha-ha-ha, I know I sound a bit egoistic but let’s just say I wanted to feel like a kid again wishing for the kind of gifts she wants to receive for Christmas too. They’re not a lot, I promise.

So for a start I want…

1. A corner living room set. I don’t have a picture of what I want but for sure it is just going to be something simple and not too fancy to the pocket.

2. Either a photo printer or this 19-inch Aluratek digital photo frame.

I’ve been saving a 3-year worth of pictures in my hard drive. Reminiscing would really be much nicer if you have some real printed photos to hold and to look at. But the above photo frame however will also do depending on whichever will come first. A photo frame has been a dream for quite a while now too. I first found this 19-inch frame at Amazon. Knowing its specs, I believe it’s worth every buck you have to spend for it.

3. Painted room.

I wish to have my room painted next year either by a professional or by myself. I have mentioned in one of my blog posts before I want to paint my room by myself. I really don’t think it is that tough task. My room isn’t big so it shouldn’t be that hard.

4. Mobile AC Unit. I told myself not to buy one till I have my room painted. :D

In other words, all I wanted are furnishings. Believe me I am so packed with gadgets but the room I am trying to consider my comfort zone still needs all those. Well except for the photo printer though. It’s not really a need although I would really love to have one. ;)

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