Tattooed - Brat Princess

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


How do you like a picture of yourself tattooed on someone’s body skin?

I never really believe JK would do it until he showed it to me one day. I couldn’t remember when exactly but if I am not mistaken he had it done around second quarter of the year. He picked one picture of me from our 2010 vacation, took it to his friend (who did the tattoo) and voila! DONE!
Honestly, I am not big on body arts like tattoos. I mean I appreciate tattoos as long as it is artistically done. JK did a lot of convincing about me getting a tattoo as well but the thing is… I simply find it excruciatingly painful so the answer was always 'NO'. Although according to him it only felt somewhat pinchy. He sent me couple of fresh photos of it after and boy it really looked disgusting! JK knew how I reacted on that. There’s no way I can sport it that way, ha-ha-ha!

But look at it now!!!
Other than JK, himself, this tattoo was one thing I so frantically look forward to see and take pictures withonthat second vacation we just have had last month. Funny because anywhere we go it catches attention.  
Okay now to answer the question…

Seriously, I really have nothing against it. I mean it was done out of passion, there's no question about that. I believe his intention and that is to hold us close together in any way possible. And I am just as proud as him. He is by far the sweetest man alive that I've known.


  1. taray mu te... ahahaha...pwede ako sa pikas.. bwahahahah.. ka cute ani nancy.. kuyog nalang didto... kung maghulat pa ka ato.. kabalo naka sa pilipinas.. one hundred pa na... kuk... hagbay ra ko kalike aning imung brat prin.. :)

  2. Hahaha! In time mam Verna.
    Thank you sa LIKE. :D