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Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Latest Indulgence

Beauty need not be expensive that's why whenever I want my hair done, I go nowhere else but at Arlyn's Salon in Davao City. Oh and before you think about it, this isn't a paid post one.

Davao is a big city with hundreds of beauty salons around that you can go to anytime you want. But through a friend, I found out about Arlyn's some five years ago and couldn't ask for more from their services. Since then I can't seem to drag my feet anywhere else every time if it's not there. I know you may find it a little exaggerated but back when I was in Cebu in 2009, I had to really wait till I get a chance to go back to Davao before I had my hair done next! That's almost a year-worth of waiting. Ridiculous, huh... but guess what... they're the only one I trust.

Last week I made a visit and here is how it went.
I've tried getting some photos myself but they didn't seem to come out right. I had to ask someone from the staffs who aren't busy that time and gave her the liberty to take as many pictures as she want. She did and
seems like she enjoyed the chance as well until a customer came in and had to go back to work. I just took the pictures below by myself after.

I've had a dry, wavy hair before this. It used to be straight but because I'm too lazy to brush my hair everyday, I always end up needing a hair treatment at least twice in a year.

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