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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Great Finds at PARTICLES

I had yet another chance to visit my favorite mall in Davao City (which I featured below and yeah you have to scroll down a bit to see it) yesterday and look what I just took home from there!!

TOPS from PARTICLES at 50% off and all of my favorite colors! Like I said I won't mind taking home branded clothes as long as the prices fits into my budget and that usually means if those branded clothes are on sale! 50% slash is already quite a catch so now let's do the math.

This combination of white and gray top cost 450.00 before, now it's only 220.00
Same goes with this collared semi dress top.
This one however, is the greatest catch of all... a hooded sweatshirt from 499.00 before, now it's only 200.00
For all three I only paid 640.00 (roughly $16) instead of 1,399.00 (roughly $34).

Truly a best buy, isn't it?

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  1. wow thats a cute particle clothes sis! i love particles when I was in college :)

    You might wanna link this to shopping bag :D


  2. wow! ang mahal na ng mga damit ano? dati nakakabili ako ng 150pesos na particle for a full price ngayon nasa 500 na sya? yayks! good think nag sale sis. and i like the style.

    Here's my Pink Friday Entries... Cotton Candy and Hello Kitty

  3. yay! great deal Sis :-) liked the sweatshirt, visiting from PF, thank you for visiting too :-)

  4. nag shopping galore diay ka Nanz...hehe. Visitng from PF.

  5. I love Particles! I still have 2 shorts here which are 5 years old na. Lol. Great buy it is indeed! :)

    Late visit for PF as I'm still trying to get back to my normal blogging mode caused by our recent move. :) Thanks for dropping by at mine! If you haven't yet, you are welcome to visit, too! :)

    Autumn Hues
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  6. I wish I can go shopping soon but I am so financially tied up as of the moment. By the way, they are all indeed a great find.

    Thank you for joining Sis. Hope to see you again this Friday.

    God bless! :)

  7. Great buys indeed! I also love the pink sweatshirt! I too love to shop but only when on sale, made me less guiltier lol :)

  8. Good buy..Smart shopper!

    Visiting from PF! Hope you can visit me too..